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The Power of Encouragement


[00:00:00] Let’s.

[00:00:00] Pray. Lord God I.

[00:00:04] Thank you for the encouragement you give us from your word in Florida as we look this morning at the power of encouragement. I pray for those who need encouragement that. You would encourage us. And you would bring people along side of us to encourage us. Because that’s what we need especially in this day. So we pray this in Jesus name Amen. Have you ever.

[00:00:34] Had a bad day.

[00:00:38] A day where it seems that every thing goes wrong.

[00:00:44] Nothing you touch goes well you can’t seem to do a thing right. You can’t seem to say anything right. The whole world seems like it’s against you.

[00:01:00] I’ve had those days too.

[00:01:02] We all have had days like that and an ending stream of discouraging events. Sometimes it seems like we can’t do anything about it. And sometimes. We can. But then there are other times. When we decide to take things into our own hands. It’s like a lady in Dallas Texas who had a big old Cadillac and.

[00:01:35] She had a parking place up at the mall that she was going to pull into well knowing that she would not be able to easily pull into this parking place she kind of started making a big hand like my pickup truck.

[00:01:50] You just had to take this big wide turn to get into to a parking place. And so that’s what she was in the midst of doing. When this young man with his little sports car comes zipping and boom right in the parking place right in front of her. And the warming gets all upset and yells out the window.

[00:02:15] What do you think you’re doing.

[00:02:17] Taking my parking place. And he kind of got out of his little sports car and he kind of laughed at her and waved.

[00:02:24] He says it’s because I’m young and I am fast. And so he goes into the store and he was just in there a minute or so and all suddenly here this big crash. And like the other people that you went running through the front window to see what in the world made this noise and then going to the front window he sees that this lady in her Cadillac coming just backed up and just plowed into a sports car.

[00:02:53] And now it plowed into his sports car she backed up again and she plowed into it again he went running out there and she did it again and again and he looks at the laser. You’re crazy. What are you doing this for. And she looked back and said because I’m OK and I’m rich. Now I would not suggest. Taking things into our own hands. But many times we. Really don’t have.

[00:03:28] The power to do anything about the things that we are going through. Sometimes life. Is full of disappointments and discouragements. But you know many times it’s really the way that we look at the situations that we are in. That caused us to be discouraged. Now parents and grandparents they have kids or grandkids in T-ball can identify with this. Illustration there. There is a man who was walking through a park one day and came upon this little T-ball game of little tights. And he thought long since stopped buying and watches. So he sat behind first base right there right behind the bench. These little kids. And he’s watching what was going on and he looked in front of him and he asked a player who’s winning. And the boy said that they are behind 14 to zero with a smile on his face. And the man says I have to say that. That you don’t look very discouraged is discouraged. Why should we be discouraged. We haven’t been up to bat yet. Those with tee ball players when the score is 45 to 44 I know exactly what I’m talking about. But really. The way that we look at things the way we perceive life.

[00:05:03] That discourages us and that’s this morning what I’m wanting to talk about is the power of encouragement. Why do we need.

[00:05:17] Encouragement now in the New Testament. There are several Greek words that when translate gives the idea of discouragement actually in the Bible. It talks about being discouraged.

[00:05:31] But does the word discouragements only use one time that there are a number of words in the New Testament that give the idea that that translated talks about being discouraged in discouragement. And the two most often words you’ll see in our English translation about discouragement are the words faint.

[00:05:56] And to lose heart. Paul tells us that that in the ministry. Those in and it’s not just in the professional ministry as I am in the ministry but but when we minister as lay people when you’re out and trying to encourage someone to try to help serve somebody you know one of discouraging things is when you give your heart in service to somebody. And then they don’t even thank you for it. Have you ever been there. Have you ever done something for someone and really you’re not doing it for the thank you for any other reason. But when they give no hint whatsoever of being grateful for what you do sometimes that can be discouraging in other aspects of ministry can be discouraging. Matter of fact Paul tells us that we can get discouraged in our ministry to people and second Corinthians for verse 1 says. Therefore having this ministry. By the mercy of God we do not lose heart. And so we can get discouraged we can lose heart.

[00:07:13] Another source of discouragement is when we have physical ailments Second Corinthians in chapter 4 verse 16 says so. So we do not lose heart even though our outer self is wasting away our inner self is being renewed day by day.

[00:07:34] So in the end I know whether it’s because we’re getting older or have physical ailments. Those of you who have been in pain and you get old when the outer man when this temporary house that’s housing our soul and our spirit starts decaying it can become very discouraging. We can lose heart. There’s many a person as they get older and they are in very bad health. They are ready just to go home to be with the Lord.

[00:08:12] Especially those who really realize what’s waiting for them now. Now we as family and as loved ones. We want to hold onto them as long as we can. And sometimes we don’t understand why our parents or grandparents or whoever.

[00:08:29] Is wanting to die wanting to go home to be with the Lord. Many of them wanting to go home to be with their spouses in heaven because they know where they are. And so sometimes we can become very discouraged when this this outer man. But but what the Scripture says here. That. As we grow in our faith as we grow spiritually as we are maturing in our faith. That that should be encouraging. There are many many people who have become physically unable to do a lot of ministry but I have those right here today. Sitting here. That can not get out and around enough and I receive notes and letters and cards and Book Marks handmade.

[00:09:31] That are very very encouraging to me. And see we can do that even though our outer man is decaying.

[00:09:42] Our inward man. We can be encouraged because our inner self is being renewed day by day. And when you get discouraged we need about our physical moments. We look to God we look to the world we grow in our spirit. And then how many of you have had something happen to someone very very close to you and it causes discouragement. You know sometimes. We can bear our own infirmities our own. Physical bodies that are decaying.

[00:10:24] But just when a loved one starts going through the these that we get burden discouraged lose heart. Ephesians 3:13 Paul tells the Ephesians says I asked you do not lose heart. Do not be discouraged over what I am suffering for you.

[00:10:44] Which is for your glory.

[00:10:46] So there are those in the church at emphasis that were discouraged because they knew what Paul was going through and we and we may have some loved ones that are going through hard things that we are more discouraged and lose heart than what they are. Jesus. Was telling a parable in Luke 18:1 and says to the effect that they ought always to pray. And not lose heart. They should always pray. But not lose heart not be discouraged. And that and that is one of the ways of defeating discouragement is through prayer asking God for you to see the benefits for going through what you’re going through. You know sometimes and it doesn’t happen all the time. But it’s almost like if God would just tell me why I’m going through what I’m going through what the purpose is. Then I can handle it better. You remember the story of Job. I mean God knew what was going on. Saying he said you know hey you know I’m here and God. What are you doing I’m out here causing trouble on the earth all this stuff and he said Did you see my servant job. And then you know the whole story and see all this stuff happened to Job. And he didn’t even know why. And sometimes.

[00:12:28] God does not allow us to know the reason we are going through what we’re going through. But that’s where having faith in first Peter 5:07 it says casting all your anxieties on him.

[00:12:48] Because he cares for you.

[00:12:50] Casting all our anxieties on him because he cares for us.

[00:12:56] We need to transfer our fears our anxieties our burdens on him because he cares for us.

[00:13:06] He’s in control you know.

[00:13:08] We do not have to be afraid of what we’re going through when we know that God is in control.

[00:13:17] There is not a circumstance there is not a person there’s nothing that God cannot change if he chooses to.

[00:13:26] And when we get in a relationship with God that is so close.

[00:13:32] We don’t have to know the answer to life. We don’t have to know the reason. We are going through things. Because. We know.

[00:13:46] That he cares for us.

[00:13:50] That’s where catching your cares. All your anxieties on him. We place our trust in him. And then Psalm 55 22 says cast your burden on the Lord and He will sustain you. He will never permit the righteous to be moved. Whenever we are a burden God promises to sustain us he will not let us be moved. And that means he will not let us be shaken. Or to totter. We never were burden.

[00:14:35] Anxieties and burdens are to be cast upon God not Kerry.

[00:14:42] See God did not design us it was not his purpose for us to be burdened by the saints he says those on me.

[00:14:51] Let me handle them.

[00:14:55] And that’s what happens when we say I can’t handle this anymore.

[00:14:59] I cannot handle the situation. And God’s like I know. That’s why I say.

[00:15:06] Cast your burden. Cast your anxieties on me I’ll handle them. Rest in me rests in my sovereignty and my love and I am reminded. When I have little baby Tony in my arms. And he’s just resting.

[00:15:30] And he’s sleeping in my arms.

[00:15:34] He didn’t have a care in the world. He’s a baby eight months old. But you see he’s not fearful. He he rests in my control. And in a sense that’s what god.

[00:15:51] Is telling us to do with him.

[00:15:54] He he has us in Scripture. How many times in Psalm does it talk about us being under the shadow of his Wiens.

[00:16:06] You have to be pretty close to somebody when you’re under the shadow and he’s talking about like a hand and stuff.

[00:16:13] Jesus says oh Jerusalem. If I would have just brought you in under. My wings and protected you if you would just. Known me if you did call out to me. Secondly.

[00:16:32] Because discouragement comes from pessimism about how things will turn out. One of the best ways to overcome it is to get God’s perspective because many of the things we are anxious about we are anxious about the future. And God says.

[00:16:51] Don’t be anxious about the future.

[00:16:52] Today has enough trouble of its own. I’ll handle it.

[00:17:01] And in order to get God’s perspective. On our future we have to let go of two myths. OK. The first myth. About the future is that our situation will always be this way.

[00:17:19] How many of you ever been in a situation where really you sit here and you think this will never change.

[00:17:30] I won’t. I just can’t see it’ll never change. I will be like this. I will be in this situation for all of my life. In secret. That’s where this anxiety this burden comes from because we are afraid about our future and God has our future. And so one of the myths is this will never change.

[00:17:52] If our job has always been terrible we embrace that lie. And we believe it’s always going to be this way. Same goes with with Mary JURO home parents children whatever else we struggle with. We get into this way of thinking that this will always be this way. Nothing ever ever will change and die.

[00:18:18] If there is if I looked at some of my past and the situations I wrote I was in if I thought that would never ever change.

[00:18:28] I would be depressed. I would be in despair.

[00:18:33] But that’s what many of us think life is hard.

[00:18:40] But the myth the line is that it will always be the same. The hard stuff you’re going to like it won’t be the same. No matter what you do. Discouragement interprets the past and the present as an unbreakable pattern which leads to more discouragement. But if we see life from God’s perspective. We can dispel that myth. That line in the second myth about the future is that when we make a change for the better we expect things to start improving almost immediately. You know we feel we know we’ve made the right changes in our lives and so we figure we need to see the right consequences happen immediately you know.

[00:19:35] Well God I stop doing this and I stop doing that. And so we expect that tomorrow that that everything’s going to change in our life and it’s going to be rosy and sunshiny. But God doesn’t promise us that. Now while God mercifully works that way sometimes and he does but he doesn’t always. Bless us immediately when when we start. Changing. Our Lives. Because the God’s perspective.

[00:20:11] On our future is this is found in James 1. Well it says Blessed is the man who remains stead fast under trial. For when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life which God has promised to those who love him. So even this promise reminds us. That sometimes change requires perseverance. It doesn’t always happen overnight. But the reward ultimately the reward from God is the crown of life. Scripture tells us. You know. Have you ever met. A loving gentle wise person who radiates the love of Jesus. If you’re to get close to them many times you will find that he or she has suffered deeply in their life. And God has been such. A motivator has been such a large part of their life in growing them in the inner man regardless of the physical.

[00:21:27] Suffering that they went through. God developed. A spirit in their lives that’s contagious.

[00:21:39] And the way God produces that guy kind of person sometimes is through adversity. They don’t give up. The life of Christ starts to manifest itself himself through them and they have this inner joy this fulfillment from God that even the circumstances can’t touch him.

[00:22:01] Paul was that way to remember. I mean he had a litany and one of his letters. One of the churches he a litany of all the things that he had gone through not even all of. I’m sure he listed the time about being shipwrecked by two or three times and all these others.

[00:22:18] I mean just a list of things. And then he says you don’t want. All of this stuff that I have gone through.

[00:22:29] Is nothing nothing compared to what is waiting for me in glory.

[00:22:36] It’s rubbish. God this is nothing for the reward that I. Get. For being in the very presence of God and in Jesus.

[00:22:47] Compared to what I’m going through now and he went through a lot.

[00:22:52] He says he can’t even compare.

[00:22:57] So what is encouragement then we talk about the power of encouragement. What is encouragement.

[00:23:06] Well the word that we see here in the New Testament the word is parah. Oh. It means to call alongside the pair. It’s an adjective. It’s a preposition actually. And it means a long side to draw alongside. It’s where we get get the English word parallel. And what is parallel something is right there along side parallel to something. Matter of fact in the New Testament you will see in the Greek that the Holy Spirit is called the parrot CLEET and in the English the word pair CLEET is translated comforter. And that’s exactly what the Holy Spirit does. The pair Cliq parrotlet So he the Holy Spirit draws alongside. Of us. And he does so to give us strength. To help us appropriate the aid that we need for the moment. The Comforter draws alongside of us. It presumes that that we are under some sort of pressure not just the normal pressures of everyday life. Maybe something very strenuous. Stressful. The ancient Greek authors. Use this word to describe military enforcement during battles here their fight waging a hard battle getting beat up on and all of a sudden they get this this reinforcement.

[00:24:54] They get more troops come alongside and all of a sudden these battle weary soldiers who think this is their last stand all of a sudden you have multiple people coming and helping and coming into the fight. Pair coming along side. And that is what the Holy Spirit does and that is what we are called to do is to come alongside of each other and to strengthen to encourage to comfort the biblical encouragement presumes that Christians may be under this intense pressure.

[00:25:34] And some of them back then the intense pressure was because of their conviction and relationship with Christ. They are being spiritually attacked in a hostile environment. So as a Christian as a Christian. How can you. How can you be get your call to be an encourager. How came you encouraged someone else someone who is going through a struggle someone who is discouraged. Well let’s look at a number of scriptures. That talks about encouraging gene that old dry along side to provide support and encourage and what does it what does this scripture say. Hebrews 3:13. Says but I exhort one another every day.

[00:26:29] As long as it is as it is called today that none of you may be hardened by the seat of sin this exhort one another. New

[00:26:37] American Standard another version is to encourage same Greek word to encourage one another every single day. And buy it by encouraging someone some may keep some from being hardened by said Ninon Heber’s 10 starting in verse 24. Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works. Not being not neglecting the meeting together as is the habit of some but encouraging one another and all the more as you see the day drawing near you are tired today.

[00:27:21] This world is getting worse and worse.

[00:27:28] And if there is any day that we need encouragement it’s today and it’s tomorrow and it’s the next day in Chapter 5 verse 11 it goes on says.

[00:27:40] Therefore encourage one another and build one another up. Just as you are doing.

[00:27:47] It how do we do that. How do we encourage one another. It’s usually with words that that’s how something is through service.

[00:28:00] Serving one another and loving and much of that is through words. Proverbs 12:18 says there is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts. But the tongue of the wise bring healing. You know. What your tongue can do what you say.

[00:28:27] It can. It can do one of two things. 40 is the first. You can cut people up. With your tongue. Just like a sword. Or you can bring healing to their lives.

[00:28:42] There’s other scripture. Let me just read a few in Proverbs.

[00:28:46] Anxiety in a man’s heart brings him down or weighs him down. But a good word makes him glad. A soft answer turns away wrath with a harsh words stirs up anger. A gentle tongue is a tree of life of perverseness and it breaks his spirit. Gracious words are like a honeycomb sweetness to the soul and health to the body. A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. Which scripture tells us that God. Does not comfort you to make you comfortable.

[00:29:23] But to make you a comforter.

[00:29:27] We see this in Second Corinthians chapter 1 verses 3 to 5.

[00:29:34] It says Blessed be the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of mercies and God of all comfort who comforts us in all of our affliction. Why so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

[00:29:58] For as we share abundantly in Christ’s sufferings so through Christ we share abundantly in comfort too.

[00:30:08] Does that mean that some of the phases that we go through is for the express purpose for God to comfort us so that in that comfort he can use us in other people’s lives to comfort them. Absolutely with the very comfort that God has comforted us with.

[00:30:31] We are to comfort other people. There is a man once. Who has a terrible terrible accident.

[00:30:41] Get a mangled body. They had to cut him out of his vehicle. And there he was. He almost died. And the surgeons when they had finished their work. There only they had to take both legs. His left arm. And on his right arm only his thumb and his index finger. Was left.

[00:31:05] And he was very very discouraged depressed.

[00:31:11] He still possessed a very brilliant mind. He had had a good education. He traveled worldwide. But he felt it was all wasted. There is nothing he could do. But remain a helpless sufferer. He saw. The thought came to him. He always enjoyed receiving letters.

[00:31:39] So we thought why not write letters. He could still use his hands right hand even though with some difficulty.

[00:31:47] Well who who could he write someone who maybe was shot in life he was. And he thought. Maybe those in prison.

[00:31:59] Men who were in prison. He can be an encouragement to you is worth a try. So he wrote a Christian organization concern for working with a prison ministry and he was told yes he could write letters but he told.

[00:32:16] That his letters could not be answered by the inmates. It was against prison rules. But he commenced this one sided correspondence and he worked Heny wrote twice a week. Sometimes his strength was taxed to the limit trying to write.

[00:32:35] But in these letters he put his whole soul and his experience and all of his faith and all of his wit and all of his Christian optimism must be very hard to write these letters in. And at times he is committed to give it up. Because.

[00:32:55] He never could receive anything back. He didn’t even know if they were being read. He didn’t know what happened to them. But he kept writing them. Two times a week and he resolved to continue as long as he could. But at last he got a letter. Is very short. And it was written by the prison guard who screened the letters that came in to.

[00:33:22] The inmates. And this is what the prison guard wrote him.

[00:33:29] Please write on the best paper you can afford. Your letters are passed from cell to cell until they literally fall to pieces. That was a real encouragement to him. Not knowing whether he was getting any response at all.

[00:33:50] But he continued. He stood fast. He he said I am going to to continue to try to encourage not knowing if God was using it or not. Then to get this letter back from the prison guard saying how. Use as good a paper as you can afford because. These are passed from cell to cell. Until

[00:34:15] literally the letter falls apart. Can you write notes can you. Write

[00:34:24] a card of encouragement. Can you write an email. Can you text. Let’s get high tech sphere. What’s your mode of communication today. That’s what we’re talking about. What is your mode of communication. Is there some way. That you can encourage someone through what you say to them. How

[00:34:52] you pray for them. Just

[00:34:54] a note saying I’m praying for you the day. I just wanted you to know that. In encouragement I received a note this week. In the mail.

[00:35:09] That greatly uplifted my spirit and encouraged me. We seek biblical encouragement communicates God’s truth.

[00:35:19] And hope in ways that personally strengthen others to follow God’s will in our lives. So.

[00:35:28] As I close it let me give you some tips on becoming an effective encourager. OK first if you want to be effective in this area if you want to be an effective encourager you need to know and to use God’s word because it’s God’s word. It’s not your cleverness your personality your intelligence that has the power to lift people up and give them hope. It’s that you care.

[00:36:00] And you use God’s word. ROMANS 15:4 says for whatever was written in former days talking about doing old tasks or whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

[00:36:24] You see that that’s what gives us hope.

[00:36:28] That’s what encourages us is the Word of God. Many people don’t know the Word of God or they may have forgotten what God says in His word in relation to what they are going through.

[00:36:43] So knowing and using God’s word. Secondly making encourage event a goal. When you meet other Christians you know. For a lot of people that’s just not their personality their gift.

[00:37:00] But we are commanded to encourage one another day after day. So it’s a commandment. So whether that is part of your personality it’s something that we need to be doing and we can do.

[00:37:13] Hebrews 10 10:25 says not neglecting to meet together as is the habit of Psalm but encouraging one another and all the more you see the day drawing near when you fellowship with one another when you’re having lunch with friends.

[00:37:31] Find out how you can pray for each other. How you can encourage each other. And then as you think about them pray for them.

[00:37:42] And many times as you are praying for someone God brings something to mind that you can do to encourage that person. I set up a little note. An email a text message. Is encouraging. And then thirdly. Be a good listener if you are a good listener to what people are telling you is happening in your life. You’ll usually find plenty of opportunity. On realizing how they need encouragement. If some people I know some here have been in the process recently of selling one house and buying another working on one house doing that and there you know you might not be able to go over and help. With the house. But maybe even giving encouragement maybe even you know some cookies or something hey you know I can’t come over but for those you do hear some cookies or hear this or that. Or just you know this is gonna be hard. I just want you know I am praying for you. And when you listen to people and what they’re going through just just normal conversation. And life. You will find ways of being and encouragement. And when you listen. This becomes.

[00:39:16] A way just just by listening communicates love and respect which is encouragement in and of itself.

[00:39:24] It also helps you to gather what kind of encouragement may be needed.

[00:39:30] Make it a goal every single day.

[00:39:35] Let me close it with just one story here. Every employee.

[00:39:40] Deserves to know that their unique and valuable to their boss. That’s a message of Tim Sanders.

[00:39:48] He’s a leadership coach and he was the former chief solutions officer at Yahoo.

[00:39:55] And he urges managers and supervisors to let their subordinates know how much they are appreciated. Matter of fact Sanders advocates leading through loving in his book called Love is the killer app and from the platform he has the leadership conference. He tells those who are managers and supervisors you need to let people under you know how much they are appreciated. So he often tells the story of a young manager. His name was Steve who was challenged by one of Sander’s radio interviews one day and Steve resolved to visit each one of his employees. All six of them. Whom he had not seen face to face for over six months. Even though they worked in the same building and they worked on the same floor. She wanted to tell each of them how much he appreciated them and then name one thing. One thing that they did with excellence. So after the visit from Steve going around to the six employees one of his software engineers His name was Lenny presented to him an X-box gaming console. And Steve was quite taken aback. He knew that Lenny over the last year or so had taken a reduction in pay. But he was more surprised to find out that the money that Lenny got to pay for this X-Box came from the SAL.

[00:41:44] From the sale of a 9 millimeter gun a pistol he had bought months earlier with the intention of killing himself. Lenny told him of his mother’s death that previous year and how he became so lonely in the present. Let me read to you what Lenny said and what he told Steve. He said I started a routine every night after work. Eating a bowl of ramen noodles listening to Nirvana and getting a gun out. It took almost a month to get the courage to put the bullets in the gun. It took another couple of months to get used to the feeling of the barrel of the gun on the top of my teeth and for the last few weeks I was pretty ever so slight the pressure on the trigger and I was getting so close Steve so close.

[00:42:44] And last week you freak me out.

[00:42:48] You came into my cubicle.

[00:42:50] You put your arm around me and you told me how much you appreciated me because I turned in all my project all my projects early and that helps you sleep at night. You said you also said that I have a great sense of humor over e-mail and that you are glad I came into your life. That night. I went home. Ate Ramen noodles.

[00:43:19] Listened to Nirvana. When I got the gun out it scared me silly. For the first time. All I could think about with what you said that you were glad I came into your life. The next day I went back to the pawn shop and I sold the gun.

[00:43:39] And I remembered that you had said you wanted an X-box more than anything. That was a new baby at home you cannot afford it. So. For my life.

[00:43:50] I give you this game. Thanks boss.

[00:43:56] Some. Sometimes people just need people Sander’s rights they need encouragement. You have no idea how lonely. And sad some people might be.

[00:44:10] Love them everywhere not just at home but at work. Wherever you find them. You know.

[00:44:21] In the midst of life you touch many peoples lives. You see many people. And you may not know how lonely. How sad. How much in need of encouragement they are. That’s why we need to make a call. We need have a goal. When we wake up who can I encourage today God is we are told day after day to encourage one another God who today can I encourage I encourage a coworker an employee a boss a sibling a parent a child a grandparent someone I don’t even know that I’m at Starbucks or Marten’s or wherever and they sing down.

[00:45:16] An encouraging word. Who does God want you to encourage today. Tomorrow. The next day all it takes.

[00:45:33] A little text.

[00:45:35] I want you to know I’m praying for you today. God laid you on my heart. Is there anything I can pray for. A bouquet of flowers.

[00:45:46] Some goodies. Going over and visiting. A widow.

[00:45:54] I don’t know. But what you need to do is ask God. God. Who do you want me to encourage today. And then obey. Let’s pray. For God if there is anything in our lives that is.

[00:46:13] An encouragement. It’s your word. Because your word tells us about you and how you.

[00:46:22] Are Here. You love us so much that not only did you give your son to die for us.

[00:46:28] But day in and day out your mercy and your grace are new every day to meet the need that I have today and what a great encouragement.

[00:46:38] Lord help us cast our anxieties Lord God help us to cast our burdens on you. You’re a burden carrier. And we need be the one casting our burdens on you so Lord help us do that encourage us today and have us give us someone that we might encourage and I pray this in Jesus name Amen.

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