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The Lord’s Model Prayer


[00:00:01] Let’s let’s open up in prayer. For God you give us in your word what Jesus shared preached and what we call the Sermon on the Mount and in it. You tell us. A model how to pray. To our father. So Lord I pray that that as we do come to you in humility but as you tell us your words come boldly before your throne of grace that we might receive grace and mercy in a time of need that we might do that we might do daily we might do it more than once a day. So Lord I asked if you open up our hearts and our mind to receive what you have in your word and we pray this in Jesus name Amen.

[00:00:52] Last week we talked about having a quiet time a time that we would set aside.

[00:01:02] For us to be alone with the Lord. A quiet place away from the distractions of the world and everything else is going on around us. And I hope you’re able to do that. I can tell you that if you were to miss a day or two that the enemy is going to be bombarding you with the idea that see I told you you couldn’t do it seven days in a row to try to defeat us. If you did it four or five times over four or five times that you were able to come before God get into his word and and have a time of prayer.

[00:01:49] And that’s what God desires us to do. So now usually when I have quiet time I have certain passages or maybe a book that I’m going through. I enjoy going through Psalms and seeing how God fits together many aspects we see in this model Praise Jesus.

[00:02:14] We see it in the Psalms that King David or other Psalms have but this last week means that so many times and I do encourage you if you don’t have a copy of our daily bread which is a daily devotional we have the new ones out for the month of June July and August. They’re out there for a year and so Binyon I encourage everyone to to use that and I thought well this last week every day when I have a quiet time I would like to to use this resource of the daily bread. Now. I am into laptops and computers and smartphones and all of that. And for those who have computers. There is a place on the Internet and the address is O.D. dot org meaning our daily bread dot o r g o d b rice with ODP our daily bread OTB dot org that if you go to their Web site they will pop up. Today’s devotion and with that knowledge they give you today’s devotion which is the very same thing I think this morning that we was having peace. They will pop up today’s devotion. But if you have a laptop or a smartphone you can press on the scripture for today and this scripture pops up. So they they do have an app for those who have iPhones those who have Android phones. You can get an app that I just touch the app and today’s version. Also if you missed yesterday or the day before or whatever they have months passed.

[00:04:04] Matter of fact they have years past that if you look at something in 2016 you can go back on your computer to 2016 a given month or whatever. So

[00:04:17] I hope and that’s the important thing isn’t whether we use our daily bread or computers or cell phones or whatever. The important thing is that we’re in God’s Word. That we take the time. It’s so very important we talked about my whole sermon last week if if you weren’t here and want to see and listen to the sermon you can listen to it you go to our website. You can listen to the audio I posted the video of last week’s sermon on Bertran Bible Churches Facebook page where we talked about the importance and the aspects of having a quiet time. And that’s what is important is that we set aside a time where we’re just alone with God. Jesus did it many times and. And here we see in this portion as we are preaching through the sermon on the Mount. We see here that Jesus is giving us a pattern to follow. It’s not a prayer that Jesus intends for us to pray. Word for word but it’s a pattern and it begins in Matthew 6 verse 9. Jesus says Pray then in this way he doesn’t say pray these words he says pray then in this way. Our Father who is in heaven hallowed be Thy Name Your kingdom come your will be done On earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we have forgiven our debtors and do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil or literally from the evil one.

[00:06:15] For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. A meme for if you forgive others for their transgressions your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if he do not forgive others then your father will not forgive your transgressions.

[00:06:33] So it’s ironic that here in the midst of the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew which we did not too long ago a couple of weeks ago talks about the context in which this prayer is found and that is Jesus warning not to use meaningless repetition in prayer. And here in the midst of this contact is this prayer that so many people they know word for word man. This may be the most common. Prayer in the world that is prayed word for word and but what Jesus means is for this to be a model for this to be a pattern we could call this instead of the Lord’s Prayer. It is the Lord’s model prayer that he says pray in this way.

[00:07:32] So we want to look at several pauses here verses.

[00:07:38] But first a look at one or actually two general observations about this prayer and the whole. First we would know that the words with Christ preface it is pray in this way.

[00:07:52] This indicates that he is supplying a pattern after which our prayers are to be modeled and secondly in answer to his disciples question which in the Gospel of Luke or the disciples came to him and said Teach us to pray.

[00:08:13] He’s in he’s Ferney here and the Gospel of Matthew the instructions of what we need how what we need to know on how to pray.

[00:08:22] First he reveals the manner in which Christians should approach God.

[00:08:29] Secondly the order in which our request should be presented now is addressing God in.

[00:08:36] And then our selves or other people.

[00:08:40] Thirdly the things that we most need to ask for than for the adoration which is due to the wind. We are praying to. So so here we are.

[00:08:51] We are taught both the manner and the method of how to pray and the matter for which we are to pray.

[00:08:59] So here in this model prayer we see six petitions some people say seven is appropriate that the first three are directed to God talking about his name his kingdom His will and the Christian primary concerns.

[00:09:18] Therefore as we pray should be that God’s name is hallowed and we’ll be talking about that sanctified that His Kingdom comes and his will be done on earth here as it is in heaven with we will be talking about.

[00:09:34] Only then. Are the next three petitions included. And that is talking about our daily bread. Our sins or as stated here our debts and our temptations.

[00:09:51] So the model prayer begins with our father who is in heaven although calling God our Father it is found in Jewish writings about the time of Christ.

[00:10:06] But but it is extremely rare that you see anything in Jewish literature. In speaking of God as our father now. The Jews during this time would prefer to call God with exalted titles like sovereign lord king of the universe.

[00:10:33] But we see Jesus. Call him father now.

[00:10:40] Jesus was the Son of God in a very unique way. Obviously we know about and so the manner that Jesus uses in addressing God we see is a much larger picture. Because Truly he was. But what very interesting here.

[00:10:59] Not that Jesus calls god father.

[00:11:04] But Jesus here is teaching his disciples to address God in the very same way.

[00:11:13] As their father.

[00:11:14] So we see here that God is seen as father.

[00:11:19] Usually when we see him here we see God in relation to his children and that is believers because in Scripture we are told that we are the children of God and calling God Father is directed to those children who call who call God Father even ABA which we might translate in today’s languages. Papa or some might say that it’s a very intimate close relationship unlike those in the Old Testament that that many saw God. From a far and distant Jesus brings to us this personal relationship with God that as his children we can come to him as we would our own father’s right into the believers.

[00:12:23] He says how great is the love of God the Father. Who has lavished on us that we should be called the children of God and that is what we are.

[00:12:33] The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him and find that first John chapter 3 verse 1 so.

[00:12:42] So there is this close relationship between the children and the Father and in this relationship. We find life fellowship acceptance inheritance family even discipline. Because God says that yes. We. Are discipline. Or that God disciplines those whom He loves for this purpose.

[00:13:10] If we find this in Hebrews 12 that we may share.

[00:13:15] In his holiness Psalm.

[00:13:20] The first petition concerns the exalted father.

[00:13:24] Hallowed be thy name not now Houde means to sanctify that is set apart his name his his person we we are identifying the means to make holy to consider holiness. So the very first thing that Jesus teaches us in this prayer is to to acknowledge our right relationship with the father. Hallowed be thy name that he is set apart. He is above everything else above everybody else. Sanctified set apart and the first saying that Jesus says that we are to acknowledge is our right relationship.

[00:14:10] Though it’s a familiar family relationship with our father he and his physician in his name how set apart sanctified is your name.

[00:14:24] Then it goes on and he says the second petition is your kingdom come. Now how old is our name. Your kingdom come. This is talking about the reign of God one who when we look at it into two aspects.

[00:14:50] Number one his present Kingdom with Jesus talks about a lot who as we’ve been going through the sermon on the Mount we see that Jesus is talking about the kingdom of life here on Earth that we are part of that kingdom life but also we await the future for the consummation of the kingdom of God and that when when the people here listen to this heard Jesus talk about the Kingdom their mind would go to the Old Testament where they talked so much about the Kingdom of God that that Oneness can be consummated later the thousand year reign of Christ. So also to pray your kingdom come is to pray that God saving rain will be expanded now that much more and that is when he is in the consummated kingdom when God’s Kingdom fully comes. He will do so because Jesus returns to set up his kingdom. You know in the old testament and one of the aspects of when Jesus came.

[00:16:04] Those there who lived and heard him preach they were expecting the Messiah to deliver. Who in the Old Testament they saw was going to deliver them from the old pression from the bondage. And so that’s the Deliverer they are looking for. Jesus came as the deliverer. But he did not deliver them from the bondage to the Romans. He came to deliver man time for those who would believe upon him. He came to deliver them from the bondage of their sin and they did not understand that until Jesus was preaching in the Apostles and the disciples later with preaching that the messiah has come and they are looking well. They even ask him Are you are you here to set up your kingdom. And he was. But there will be a time that Jesus came he came as a suffering servant. We see this in Isaiah but there will come a day. The physical second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ spoke in many places in Scripture. Matthew chapter 24 Matthew chapter 25 described in the Book of Revelation where Jesus will be coming as the lion of the tribe of Judah.

[00:17:31] And he will be coming to set up his kingdom. And that’s what they’re looking for. So.

[00:17:40] Your Kingdom come in the early cret they’re looking forward second Peter 3:13. Looking forward to a new heaven and a new word the home of righteousness.

[00:17:52] The third petition broadens this and someone specifies the boundaries he says. Your kingdom time is followed by your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. This well may be a prayer that the Kingdom might come in its fullness.

[00:18:14] Da Carson says this concerning that when Jesus uses the phrase Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I think he chooses language that allows for several contrasts. He may be teaching us to pray first that God desires for righteousness will be fully accomplished. Now on earth as they are now accomplished in heaven or second that God desires for righteousness may be ultimately be as full of fully accomplished on earth as they are now accomplished in heaven. Or thirdly that God desires for righteousness and it may ultimately be accomplished on earth in the same way they are.

[00:19:00] And have him without reference to contrast and evil and stuff.

[00:19:06] So the desire is that may we be doing here on earth as is children. What we know we will be doing. In his kingdom to come.

[00:19:20] And so these are the first three petitions that involve God the Father and the Lord’s model prayer.

[00:19:28] Now the primary concern here. Is God’s glory. God’s reign and God’s will after that. Then.

[00:19:39] The Christian the child of God brings into his needs and the needs of others so the first petition in relation to our needs after praying in relation to God his relationship his kingdom His will. Our first petition for ourselves is give us today. Our Daily Bread. The the word translated daily our daily bread in a matter of fact occurs only in the new Tathra right here in this in this prayer. The only time you see the Greek word used Give us today your daily bread. Now now it’s an adjective meaning. Literally of the day that is coming. Of the day that is coming. So if you pray that in the morning is between our food for that day that we are praying if we pray then at night were talking the other day that is coming we’re talking about tomorrow. Now. That’s kind of lost. In today’s western society. How many today of you pray God.

[00:20:59] Give us the food that we need to eat today. In America.

[00:21:05] Though there are some way to way more than what there should be those who are without food and.

[00:21:16] May be prayed. For food today.

[00:21:20] But I would venture to guess that there’s no one here sitting here this morning that had to pray and ask God would you give me you give me my meal my food that I need for today see. In Jesus’s day.

[00:21:41] Laborers were commonly paid at the end of that day’s work for the work they had done that day and very frequently that pay was so low that they didn’t save anything they can save anything.

[00:21:58] They would pray that they would work enough and get paid enough that they would have the money to be able to buy or the wherewithal to be able to get the food for that day so that day’s pay purchased that day’s food and that society was was very largely agrarian. They were farmers. One crop fail. Could spell disaster for the family.

[00:22:27] So in such a society to pray give us today our daily bread is no empty rhetoric.

[00:22:37] They meant it and Jesus knew this.

[00:22:41] They had a very precarious existence.

[00:22:47] Many people and Jesus followers were to learn to trust in their heavenly Father to meet their physical needs lie today in Western society is not quite as precarious as it was in the first century. We receive so much more and so sadly our wealth has contributed to our thanklessness. You know we. Talk about route memory. How many people say grace before their meal. I mean has that just become a regular rote saying. Thank you for the for the food the word overtake. OK. Now Nigerian. You know. It’s become so common so not really.

[00:23:40] I mean we myddle just say hey I mean really.

[00:23:49] Really when you sit and think about your meal. Really consider. Wow. I am very grateful. For God to provide.

[00:24:04] For me to live in a country. That there is want there is hunger. But I doubt that any of us are involved in that. And here in the model you know and being this is a model prayer. Give us this day our daily bread should please us to realize how thankful and it’s just not the food that God gives us.

[00:24:31] But everything for all of our physical needs for for everything that we do everything that we have the health that we have. There are many who do not have the health. There are some who are not here today because they do not have the help by which they can get out and around. But we take it.

[00:24:49] For Granted.

[00:24:51] Too often the second petition found in verse 12 here is forgive us our debts as we have forgiven our debtors. Now Jesus goes on to enlarge this point there at the end of this motto prayer in verses 14 and 15 where he says for if you forgive others for their transgressions your heavenly Father also will forgive you. But if you do not forgive others then your father will not forgive your transgressions.

[00:25:25] Now now sin is pictured here as a death and sin incurs a debt which must be discharged. So if someone owes us such a debt and we feel it failed to release him by forgiving him our own death before the Father will not be forgiven by God and we will not be released. Now let me make this plain and get and understand this. This is not to suggest that God is going to withdraw his justification from those who have already received the free pardon he sends that to all believers believers if you have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ is your Savior you are once and for all forgiven of all past sins and all future sand’s forgiveness in that sense is a permanent complete acquittal from the guilt and ultimate penalty of sin and it belongs to all those who are in Christ.

[00:26:26] Yet Scripture teaches that God chastens his children who disobey him.

[00:26:34] Believers are to confess our sins in order to obtain a day to day cleansing that has nothing to do with our guilt our sin before God. But it has all to do with our daily fellowship and abiding in the vine as we talked about before and our fellowship and empowering and God listening to us. God answering our prayers. Scripture tells us if you regard iniquity in your heart what does it say.

[00:27:11] God will not hear you.

[00:27:13] If you regard iniquity in your heart God will not hear you.

[00:27:18] Now does that mean that he he can’t hear my prayers.

[00:27:25] No. God is God. He is our mission. He knows everything before he knows what we pray before we pray. He know he is God.

[00:27:35] But but what it means is that if we regard don’t take care of harbor sin in our lives. God does not fear us in relation to seeking you’ll find Asgill receive this daily fellowship in powering communication providing grace that we are to be living constantly in regard to this. If we regard sin in our heart. God doesn’t hear us he doesn’t answer us he hears us that he does not respond to our petition.

[00:28:14] If we regarding the inquiry in our hearts God doesn’t hear us he doesn’t respond.

[00:28:22] That’s what’s so great about first John 1:9. God has provided a way. Boy if this was the case when we got saved it probably wasn’t too quick before I did something that would have stifled this relationship this communion that I had with God. And so what did God provide. If we confess and confession means to agree with God concerning the sinfulness of the sin and how it separates us if we confess our sins now this is written to believers.

[00:29:03] If we confess our sins He is faithful.

[00:29:09] And just. To forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

[00:29:19] Because of why Jesus did on the cross of Calvary who took care of of our punishment of all of our sins.

[00:29:29] If we send now as a child of God and we confess our sins God is faithful that means every single time.

[00:29:39] One of the lies that Satan uses is we confess our sins and we feel guilty which we should. That’s that’s the job of the Holy Spirit to cause us. His job is to convict the world of sin. So we’re convicted of our sin we confess our sins to God and He is faithful. Every single time you forgive us.

[00:30:04] But the will say remember the last time he confesses to God you said God I’m so sorry. Will you forgive me.

[00:30:12] I will stop doing this.

[00:30:15] I will not do this again and then you did it again and again and again and again he went back to God again and again and again and again and confessed it and the enemy said say hey he’s tired of you coming to.

[00:30:29] He’s had it with you don’t you confess your sins and you know you are going to have victory over us saying just forget it. Give it up. He’s tired of hearing from you.

[00:30:44] That’s what we my faith.

[00:30:45] That’s what the enemy tries us to cause us to believe that God’s Truth says if we confess our sins. He is faithful and just faithful and just he’s just because of what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary. He is faithful and just. To forgive us our sins to clean the slate.

[00:31:13] Get back and have the fellowship this communion is empowering and only then.

[00:31:20] To clean it up to clean it up. He forgives us Queens.

[00:31:31] The sort of forgiveness is spoken of here is a simple washing from the worldly defilements of sin not a repeat of the wholesale cleansing of sins corruption that comes with justification.

[00:31:44] It’s like washing our feet instead of taking a bath.

[00:31:48] Remember when when Peter says Oh no no you’re not going to wash my feet.

[00:31:54] And Jesus you don’t wash your feet are you. You have nothing to do.

[00:31:57] And he goes Well well that would give me a blast man just for all of that.

[00:32:01] He says no this being that you are taking the bath.

[00:32:06] In layman’s terms that means you are being saved you are being cleansed all you need is your foot your feet to be washed. This daily cleansing this confession of sin. You know what we need to see. We need to be doing this often.

[00:32:23] We need to keep short sins.

[00:32:25] Let us not go for a month or two then and then God convicts us and we look back over the last month go to.

[00:32:33] Spend two or three hours going over all our why is so important.

[00:32:39] The model prayer daily and the final petition is lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil literally deliverance from the evil one. Now this may seem to be a strange request. Why should we ask God not to leave to lead us into temptation or trial for testing. But you know.

[00:33:04] The way Carson explained it this way I think this is a lie to tease is what he says a figure of speech which expresses.

[00:33:19] Something that is negative. By negating the contrary. For example. Not a few really means many by negating a few we have produced this litany tease.

[00:33:36] So in John 6:37 where Jesus says all of the Father gives me will come to me and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. Well that I will never drive away. It’s a negative way of saying I will receive every one of you and so many people think that this latter clause really means I will certainly receive all who come to me here in this example.

[00:34:05] So it appears.

[00:34:07] That lead us not into temptation is akin to these examples into temptation is negated meaning lead us not into temptation but away from it into righteousness in a situation far from being tainted where we’ll be protected especially here in the context. We

[00:34:28] will be protected from the evil one. So

[00:34:32] so as we said at the beginning here this is a model prayer.

[00:34:40] That got that Jesus gives us. It should be understand as an example a pattern of how to pray. It gives us the ingredients of really white what goes into prayer. And let me summarize here and let me just break this down summarize real quickly our Father in heaven teaches us to whom to address our prayers to.

[00:35:03] Our Father hallowed be your name is telling us to worship God and to praise him for who he is.

[00:35:11] The phrase Your kingdom come your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. It’s a reminder to us that we are to pray for God’s plan in our lives and the world not our own plan.

[00:35:23] We are to pray for God’s will to be done. Not for our desires.

[00:35:28] And we are encouraged to ask God for the things we need the things we need not the things we want the things we need give us today our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors reminds us to confess our sins to God.

[00:35:48] And to turn away from them and also to forgive others as God has forgiven. The conclusion of the Lord’s Prayer and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one is a plea for help in achieving victory over sin and a request for protection from the attacks of. The enemy. The devil. Now.

[00:36:16] This last week we are challenging you just for seven days not 30 not 90 not a year for seven days. I’m going to reissue that challenge again today. You think for another seven days or maybe for the first time for the next seven days maybe we have daily Brads out there if we use either other if you have something you’re reading through.

[00:36:40] But the whole purpose of a quiet time is to get alone with God.

[00:36:47] As I said last week you moms with young kids as oh yeah right quiet time when is there a quiet time in my household.

[00:36:59] I know some have said as I said that the time the only time they can get away from the kids is locking themselves in the bathroom.

[00:37:09] You know what. Have you ever considered your bathroom being the prayer closet.

[00:37:15] Could be. Because it has a purpose here. Is to get away from all the distractions you can.

[00:37:24] Quiet your heart get into the Word of God.

[00:37:29] It’s a two way street. We pray to God as this model prayer gives us and then to hear from God there isn’t that we don’t hear from God. He doesn’t speak to us I don’t hear any audible voices. He speaks to me through his words here. And it’s amazing it’s amazing how there could be pressures and things that I’m going through in life that the Scripture that God leads me to for that morning or evening or whenever I have it fits the situations that I’m going through.

[00:38:07] God just does that. And he will be back and ask you why you commit yourself. Again or maybe for the first time. Seven days only.

[00:38:18] If you if you have to have a lofty goal and you miss a few days or you get frustrated.

[00:38:24] Even if you miss a day or two hop back in it but will you commit yourself.

[00:38:30] For the next seven days to find the time. To get alone with God to get into his word and to speak to him. Let’s pray. Lord. You desire communion with us.

[00:38:48] You desire to tell us how to live you desire to show us from your word. The resources the power the strength that you’ve provided us the peace there there are many many here today who are so anxious about life.

[00:39:04] Can you tell us how we can have peace.

[00:39:06] Peace surpasses all understanding but Lord we had to bring your word to find out how. The enemy will do everything he can to keep us from your word and to keep us from communing with you. Lord I ask.

[00:39:24] For those of us here today and others who may see this and hear this message that you would keep the enemy at bay.

[00:39:33] And and and encourage us and help us get this time along with you because once we we do it for seven days I’ll 14 and then a month in and this is what you desire.

[00:39:45] So Lord will you work this in our lives.

[00:39:48] For we desire to obey you. You tell us.

[00:39:52] That if we love you we will obey you. So Lord will you do this in our lives strengthen us encourage us lead us. And I pray this in Jesus name Amen.

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