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Beware of False Prophets


[00:00:00] The Huffington Post reports.

[00:00:05] That there is a pastor from Zimbabwe that reportedly convinced his congregation that his holy pens that he was selling could make the students pass their exams that they’re going to take.

[00:00:23] And the more you paid for one of his holy pens the better the grades you will get.

[00:00:31] Well profit sham Hungwe of the house of grace international church in prayer is selling the pens which cost anywhere from $1 to $20 per pen and the prophet told his congregation that those taking these tests only needed faith.

[00:00:53] And one of his special pins to pass their exams. This is what he said. He said These pains are anointed and I declare passes when your children sit for exams.

[00:01:08] They are said to work for anyone who is sitting for any test and according to the Nigerian watch one parishioner testified that my son is not very bright and I think this will help him with the knowledge he has acquired in this pin from the man of God. I think this is going to work.

[00:01:30] And one student said that he scored highly in his A-levels last year after using the pin he was given by the prophet. Now the application is this that. There perhaps is no greater time when we are more vulnerable to deception than when we were told something that we want to believe.

[00:01:59] It doesn’t matter how outrageous the claim how obvious it is that the messenger is motivated by greed.

[00:02:08] If it’s what we want to be true we swallow it hook line and sinker.

[00:02:15] And that’s what is happening. Too many places in today’s churches people are being told a pack of lies.

[00:02:26] Are being preached a good feel good and Manby pamby message that caters to our laugh stuff that we want to hear.

[00:02:37] The Bible talks about having itchy ears and that there are those who are out here to proclaim not what the Word of God says but why we want to hear and when we’re living in a day living in a day where men and women are departing from the body of truth that is revealed in the Word of God.

[00:03:01] First Timothy Chapter 4 verses 1 and 2 says now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teaching of demons through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared.

[00:03:27] If you put the same verse 6 said that if you put the same before the brothers you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus being trained in the words of the faith and of the good doctrine that you have followed.

[00:03:42] So people are very careless today when concerning God’s truth the Word of God.

[00:03:52] We don’t know the Word of God well enough that when people from whatever form whether it’s on the radio whether through TV written we don’t know the truth well enough that red lights and bells and whistles go off in our head when someone preaches something that is contrary to the Word of God. People say today we are told that unity. Is more important than doctrine that we need to bury our doctrinal differences and just this present crisis. Just love Jesus and according to this philosophy doctorand divides.

[00:04:42] But love unites and we are told that we need to forget about our doctrinal differences and make Christ the real issue that it really doesn’t matter what you believe. You can believe anything as long as you love one another. Paul NEVER taught that truth needed to be sacrificed.

[00:05:07] Or compromise for the sake of unity.

[00:05:10] Paul tells us that we are to attain to the unity of faith but not at the expense of diluting our doctrine. Now let me clarify a point here. The doctrine that we’re talking about here.

[00:05:23] Is the essential orthodox doctrine such as the deity of Christ the Trinity the errancy of Scripture the substitutionary tone and of Christ’s salvation by faith alone.

[00:05:37] We aren’t talking about when you take communion. How often you take communion and many other things that churches fight over.

[00:05:46] We’re talking about this since it is a non negotiable found in Scripture.

[00:05:52] The black and whites.

[00:05:54] That’s what we’re talking about that that these people saying no no no you can’t tell people that they’re going to hell. You can’t tell people this and you can’t tell people that that the word of God is very clear very plain and the reasons for starting in verse 11 says and he gave the Apostles the prophets the evangelist the shepherds and teachers to equip the saints for the work of ministry for building up the body of Christ until we attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God to mature manhood to the major of the stature of the fullness of Christ so that we may no longer be children tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by walk by every wind of doctrine that’s being preached out there.

[00:06:53] By human cunning by craftiness and deceitful schemes rather than speaking the truth in love. We are to grow up in every way and to Him who is the head into Christ. Speaking the want. The truth.

[00:07:11] In love.

[00:07:12] Romans 16 17 says I appeal to you brothers to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles. What contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught. Avoid them Paul says. So. Notice carefully here. Who causes such division. Just love the decisive ones are those who are teaching contrary to the APA Solich doctrine to clear the clear teaching found in the Word of God. And what are we to do with the Markem.

[00:07:54] We are to avoid them. And these are the ones that were preaching through the sermon and then out. These are the ones that Jesus is talking about here and the Sermon on the Mount.

[00:08:04] In Matthew Chapter 7 as we continue in where we’re coming to the end of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter 7 starting in verse 15 it says beware of false prophets beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes or figs from this little. So

[00:08:36] every healthy tree bears good fruit but the diseased tree bears bad fruit a healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit.

[00:08:49] Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

[00:08:55] Thus you will recognize them by their fruits. Now next week we’re going to be talking about.

[00:09:04] Why would people remember the Scriptures what were you talking about. Next week where Jesus says we’re going to be people who come to me and says Lord Lord. And he says.

[00:09:16] I never knew you. You’re not one of my children. And next week we’re going to be talking about why would some people.

[00:09:25] Think that they’re going to heaven.

[00:09:29] But then they’re not.

[00:09:32] Why would make people think that there is something they’ve done or whatever that that when they ask if you were to die today where would you spend eternity.

[00:09:43] They say Oh Heaven. But then when they stand before Jesus. He says I never knew you what would make them think that they are going to heaven.

[00:09:53] Well one of the reasons is because they listen to these false prophets. I mean the scriptures here we just we just read it talked about doctrines of demons. Now you might think that a doctrine of demons is something very the body can and sorcerous and black and dark and scary.

[00:10:15] You know what the doctrines of demons is. Any. Thing that is said or not that is contrary to the Word of God because you see the enemy.

[00:10:25] Does not want us to believe does not want us to know does not want us to obey the Word of God. And so so we have have these preachers and these are not all preachers or friends of ours and it’s not that they are purposefully necessarily trying to divert us from the Word of God. This is what they really believe.

[00:10:51] They have heard him lie just like Eve. They’ve heard a lie.

[00:10:57] And they believe it. And they’re just propagating that lie.

[00:11:03] But for whatever reason they think that it’s the truth. But there are those false prophets. And Jesus says here.

[00:11:14] They aren’t going to be you are going to sit here and TV’s going to come up. You’re going to walk in and visit a church and you’re going to look up at the pulpit and go.

[00:11:24] Ooh he looks like a wolf. Now. Was Jesus say. Jesus says that these false prophets are going to look like sheep they’re going to be clothed as a sheep.

[00:11:42] But inside the ravenous was.

[00:11:46] And Jesus says beware of them.

[00:11:50] Second Peter two one says but false prophets also rose among the people just as there will be false teachers among you who will secretly bring in destructive heresy.

[00:12:06] So this is what these false teachers do.

[00:12:09] They secretly bring in just that destructive heresies even denying the master who bought them bringing upon themselves swift destruction first John for one says beloved do not believe every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they are from God for many false prophets have gone out into the world. Many false prophets.

[00:12:40] And it says that they secretly bring in destructive heresies. You know that the little talk about God loving us which with which God Bible says.

[00:12:51] Wrong is 5:08 but God demonstrating his love towards us and that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us they might talk about God’s love but then they bring in these destructive heresies spoken of in second Peter here now in my day I’ve seen numbers of false prophets. Jim Jones remember when he led 900 people. To a mass suicide in Guyana. And then how about David Koresh.

[00:13:27] The 80 Branch Davidian that were killed followed him or.

[00:13:31] Or heaven’s gate.

[00:13:32] Remember the 38 members who committed mass suicide led by Marshall Applewhite because they’re looking to get a ride on one of the Hale-Bopp comet now. Now a lot of these. False teachers call leaders. Are not the ones who do the most damage in the church today a matter of fact. Most.

[00:13:59] Thinking people will hear what these teach and they’ll go. Stay away from them. But but it’s those you know to see their errors. What they say is blatant. Blatant.

[00:14:14] Boose those who try to ride the teachings of Christianity and add to it other teachings contrary to what the word of God says.

[00:14:25] Vance Havner said more harm has been done to the church by the termites inside the church than by the woodpecker’s on the outside. And in other words more harm is done to the Christian church from within than from persecution. From outside the church.

[00:14:52] Per false prophets they mix a little bit of air lines to prove what scriptures say. A little live want leavens the whole lump. And that’s how they. They take these destructive heresies.

[00:15:08] They preach such a good message and it sounds so good and it makes me feel good. You know I heard once. That. The job of a preacher. Is to comfort the afflicted. But also to afflict the comfortable.

[00:15:31] So that that’s what the word of God does. God comforts the afflicted. But the word of God says it’s what people don’t like to hear they tell you. Where you are at.

[00:15:41] They tell you the Word of God tells you that you are a sinner and in your sin comes God’s judgment. See that’s what a lot of these preachers they don’t want to tell you.

[00:15:55] Consider. Consider Jude 3 because one of the jobs as a pastor Shepherd is to protect my flock and Jude 3 says beloved although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation. I found it necessary to write appealing to you to want to contend. For the faith. That was once for all delivered to the saints can win for the faith fight for the truth of God. The Great Commission.

[00:16:36] That tells us to go out and make disciples and share the Gospel Jesus Christ. It never minimizes the truth and doctrine. It says they are to teach them all that Jesus has commanded us to do not just parts but to teach to teach or to share all the things that the Saviour’s commands to do. And God.

[00:17:02] Is God does he care about doctrinal purity.

[00:17:08] And we are talking about the little thing we’re talking about the essentials. What

[00:17:13] was preached back then and what the Gnostics brought in to the church was first Timothy 1:03 says as I urged you when I was going to Macedonia remain an emphasis. This

[00:17:28] is Paul writing the young preacher Timothy remain at actresses so that you may charge certain persons not to teach any different doctrine. And he goes on in Chapter 6 in this letter for Timothy that says if anyone teaches a different doctrine and does not agree with the seven words of our Lord Jesus Christ.

[00:17:56] And the teaching that accords with Godliness he is puffed up with conceit and understands nothing.

[00:18:05] He has an unhealthy craving for controversy and for quarrels about words which produce envy dissension slander evil suspicions. So so so like today.

[00:18:19] Paul saw Christians deserted in sound doctrine and relations chapter one in writing to the church. The Christians there at the church in glaciated. This is what he wrote. He says. I am astonished.

[00:18:41] That you are so quickly deserted in Him who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel.

[00:18:49] I am astonished.

[00:18:50] It blows my mind.

[00:18:53] Not that there is another one but there are some who trouble you and want to distort. They want to distort the gospel of Christ. This happened right back in the first century.

[00:19:06] And he goes on in verse 8 and says. But even if we. Or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preach to you let him be a curse.

[00:19:24] And as we have said before. So now I say again this here. When a preacher says something twice. Listen. OK now this is Paul. He says as I have said before and I say again if anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you receive let him be a curse you think God. Cares about doctrinal purity about.

[00:19:57] The Deity of Christ when Jesus was a good teacher. He was a good prophet. But he wasn’t God.

[00:20:11] He was a god. There’s a lot of scripture that predicted.

[00:20:17] The teaching of these false doctrines in the last days. In the second Timothy.

[00:20:26] Chapter 3 verses 1 to 5 says. But understand this. That in the last days there will come times of difficulty.

[00:20:36] For people will be lovers of self.

[00:20:40] Lovers of money proud arrogant abusive disobedient to their parents ungrateful unholy heartless unappeasable slanders without self-control. Brutal not loving good treacherous reckless swollen with conceit. Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. Wow.

[00:21:04] Did you read the newspaper this morning. It goes on the lacquers and verbalizes having the appearance of godliness but denying his power. To avoid such people as these jewed for.

[00:21:23] Says for certain people have crept in on noticed. Why were they unnoticed. They looked like she looked just like us.

[00:21:35] For certain people have crept in unnoticed. Who long ago were designated for this condemnation. Un-Godly people who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord Jesus Christ. And Jude verse 18 says and they said to you and the last time there will be scoffers following their own godly passions.

[00:22:04] This is what’s happening today folks. And when we don’t recognize it because we don’t know the Word of God.

[00:22:16] You know they tell me that cashiers in the banks in teaching them how to recognize counterfeit bills do not sit there and have them going over counterfeit bills. They have them touching and looking at real bill over and over and over and that if you know the authentic bill.

[00:22:43] When you come across a counterfeit one you’ll immediately know it.

[00:22:48] But see. Scripture tells us we need to be like bread. Scripture tells us.

[00:22:54] That the Bereans went when Paul was sharing the gospel and telling them about Jesus and that Jesus was the Messiah predicted in the old Catholic you remember back then they didn’t have our Bible. They had the old testament. But he was telling them that. Remember

[00:23:11] when when when are gross said this and this and the prophet said this and this about the Messiah Jesus is him.

[00:23:20] Jesus fulfilled this and went on telling what the Bereans do.

[00:23:23] They checked them out.

[00:23:25] They went back to what the prophet said.

[00:23:28] In the old testament and if that’s what we need to do you need to be checking me out.

[00:23:34] You know I have thought of this a number of times but I’ve been scared to do it because I read. I’ve thought about saying something up here that just out right. Heretical and seen if all of us say if in your mind you’d be going whoa wait a minute that’s not right. That’s not watch pictures says.

[00:24:01] But I’m afraid of doing that because of the number of people might think that is what Scripture says or people might be watching on Facebook. And it happened to me at that time after I said they will not listen to this heretic anymore and turn it off only not to hear me cranky and say hey did you just hear what I said when I just told you was heretical. Did you get it. So.

[00:24:25] I haven’t done that. But see that’s happening over and over and over again.

[00:24:30] Turn on your TV turn on your radio. Get on the internet.

[00:24:37] If it’s on the Internet you know it’s true right. Yeah I’m glad you laughed.

[00:24:46] We need to be good. We need to be checking out what is being told the earth with the word of God. And when something does not line up with the word of God we should be having bells and whistles and flags going off in our brain saying Warning warning.

[00:25:09] Do you know the word of God that. Well. We need to be because Jesus says beware of the false prophets because they are dressed like sheep.

[00:25:25] See. They’ll say the right things to get you in. And then they’ll slip in. This heresy. Now.

[00:25:37] They’re in the last number of decades. For numbers of years decades actually there has been a movement among the Christian church called the emergent church and among other things the emergent church and we’re talking about a lot of people are being labeled emergent.

[00:25:58] That will deny the doctrines and teachings of the emergent church.

[00:26:03] But the true emergent church believes that experience is valued more highly than truth. And that truth is just is just relative truth is just relative.

[00:26:16] And relativism opens up all sorts of problems.

[00:26:21] It destroys it destroys the standards that the Bible contains. That the Bible is the absolute truth.

[00:26:30] To live by. Don’t ask me questions that.

[00:26:35] One is truth. How can we know.

[00:26:40] Truth. And they negate the belief that the Bible is the absolute truth to believe and to live by now. If the Bible. If the Bible is not our source of absolute truth. And if we take that personally experience is allowed to define and to interpret.

[00:27:03] What truth actually is and then saving faith in Jesus Christ.

[00:27:08] There is no need of another area in which the emergent church movement has become unbiblical. It is this focus on ecumenicalism. Now too many people ecumenical ecumenicalism has many definitions.

[00:27:25] And so my definition of academical is and may not fit yours. If you don’t take communion every single week or once a month or once a year you’re you know you are. We are divided.

[00:27:37] But what I’m talking about is the ecumenically that compromise has taken place and is watering down in scripture so that we might not offend apostate.

[00:27:49] It’s where we take other religions and we accept what they believe for the sake of unity. And we all can worship together we can all together believe the one thing and that is.

[00:28:04] Love. We need to love one another but not talk about God.

[00:28:11] Being a just holy righteous God.

[00:28:14] One of the most popular names in this movement is a man by the name of Brian McLaren. I believe that he is one of the false prophets that Jesus is talking about. Mark you staying away from it and this is while. Let me give you some statements and you can look up what he believes and deciphering your yourself with what he says. Brian McLaren says for many Christians their faith is primarily about what happens to people after they die.

[00:28:49] That distracts from them from seeking justice and living in a compassionate way. While we’re still alive here on Earth we need to go back and take another look at Jesus’s teaching about hell for so many people. The conventional teaching about hell makes God seem vicious and that’s not something we should let stand. Not something that we should let stand what Jesus said about.

[00:29:19] Hell and this for many Christians our faith is primarily about what happens to people after they die.

[00:29:26] He also said that the church is pre occupied that’s been preoccupied quo with the question what happens to your soul after you die. Jesus said I have come to seek and to save that which was lost while.

[00:29:48] Jesus created hell for unrepentant for those who did not believe on what he did at the cross of Calvary.

[00:29:58] But see believing that God might judge someone. Brian says that vicious.

[00:30:09] Isn’t that what our greatest concern should be. Is that not why we are told to go out and tell people about the love of Christ. Is that not why we are to make disciples. What else does he say about the Christian religion.

[00:30:25] Brian McLaren says much of what I understand about Boudia Buddhism is wonderful and insightful and the same can be said about the teachings of Mohammed. The world is better off for having these religions than having no religions at all or just one even if it was ours. Speaking of Christianity that the world is a better place by having these various religions that even if ours was the only one.

[00:31:00] TONY JONES The US national coordinator for the emergent church says this about original sin. I have come to reject the notion of original sin. I consider it neither biblically philosophically nor scientifically tenable what scriptures say about original sin. Ephesians 2 1 and you are dead in the trespasses and sin and the big one.

[00:31:38] ROMANS 5:12 says. Therefore just as sin came into the world through one man.

[00:31:47] And death through sin. So since spread to all men because all sinned.

[00:31:55] That’s talking about original sin.

[00:31:57] Even Psalm 50 once to be whole life as brought forth in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me. Romans 3 10. And that is as it is written. None is righteous no not one. But.

[00:32:13] TONY JONES says he rejects the notion of original original sin. And then there’s Rob Bell.

[00:32:23] Who wrote the book. Love wins. Now.

[00:32:27] No one in Scripture has more to say about hell than Jesus.

[00:32:35] Stern messenger of doom from the era of the judges. No fiery old testament prophet no writer of Imperatori Psalms and no impassion apostle mention hell more frequently or described in more terrifying terms than Jesus did.

[00:32:58] And why did Jesus come to earth.

[00:33:01] Why why did Jesus come to save and to seek and to save those which were lost. He went to the cross of Calvary.

[00:33:09] To take the very wrath of God upon himself the punishment that we are sinners.

[00:33:16] Zehr onto himself that we would believe upon his sacrifice. But it is vicious to talk of a righteous holy God that would judge us. And the hell that Jesus spoke of. Was not merely some earthly ordeal some state of mind has some of these are preaching some temporary purgatorial prison. Which you will get out of.

[00:33:47] Jesus. Describe hell. As a place of torment in the afterlife. A place of unquenchable fire.

[00:33:59] Where their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.

[00:34:05] It’s a place where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. All this. These are descriptions that Jesus gives. Hell.

[00:34:12] A place of eternal punishment. Now Rob Bell is clearly. Unhappy with. Geezer’s

[00:34:24] definition and teaching about hell. He finds the idea of hell morally repugnant and believes that that one of the main reasons this is a quote from him.

[00:34:36] One of the main reasons why lots of people want to have nothing to do with the Christian faith he scoffs at the idea that divine justice requires endless punishment for unrepentant believers.

[00:34:54] Unbelievers. Rob Bell has a hard time in trying to explain away what Jesus says about hell. What Jesus says about. Justice and judgment and punishment and so he does go on he said one now you know. I don’t believe that there is a hell and you can read Love Wins I read the book I. Do not like to.

[00:35:22] Respond and talk about books.

[00:35:25] The people put out publicly without reading the book. What Rob Bell says in the book Love wins. Well you know if there is a hell. And if. God’s judgment sends people to hell.

[00:35:44] Once you’re in hell. You will have a second chance to accept Jesus as your Savior and that in Hell everybody will accept Jesus lie back.

[00:35:57] Everybody will accept Jesus when they’re in hell if there’s a hell. If God sent people there and they will all go to heaven.

[00:36:07] That’s the evil doctrine of universalism that believes that everybody’s going to go to heaven. We have preachers on TV that says you know. I know some very faithful people to their religion and for me to say that they are going to go to hell because of their faith in their god and mean to say that they have to believe in my God. I don’t know if I’d go there.

[00:36:41] Heresy. Why do they think that Jesus came to earth. John MacArthur. In response to this says it is time for the people of God.

[00:36:55] To proclaim the gospel more clearly and more carefully than ever including the difficult parts of the message. For too long evangelicals have been prone to omit the full truth about sin righteousness and judgment. Falling back instead on dumb and.

[00:37:17] Dampen the feigned versions of the message.

[00:37:20] In all candor that is one of the main reasons there’s so much confusion over Rob Bell’s book among evangelicals today.

[00:37:28] We have we have a sacred duty a sacred duty to preach what Jesus preached in the manner he preached that without toning it down or adjusting it to make it more suitable to a secular culture.

[00:37:46] Those who trim or alter the message to avoid the parts that are offensive are not faithful ambassadors for Christ.

[00:37:55] Whatever their motives and despite their best intentions they’re tamed and toned down versions of the Gospel do not represent an authentic Christianity.

[00:38:08] More often than not the result is a different religion all together.

[00:38:17] So what do we do. Jesus says beware. False prophets.

[00:38:25] For they come in sheep’s clothing. You hear some of the stuff they say anything. Oh that’s so good.

[00:38:34] But he says they are ravenous wolves inside and what does he say. You know them by their fruits you know what we need to do.

[00:38:45] We need to be fruit inspectors.

[00:38:49] What are they teaching what’s the fruit of their ministry what are they teaching. Are they. Teaching.

[00:38:57] The word of God in its entirety. Or are they adding their own stuff to the word of God.

[00:39:09] We need to be good reasons. We need to be fruit inspectors. Now the other day when we were talking about.

[00:39:18] Judge docilely you be not judged remember we are talking about a judge mental attitude.

[00:39:26] And we talked about how there are times and this is the time. This is the time that we need to be discerning. We need to be judgmental not in our attitudes. And then you don’t ever you don’t hear me. Talking down to other preachers but if they preach heresy publicly they’re open to public scrutiny using the word of God and even that you don’t hear me talk a lot because what you need what I need to be doing is taking what I have to say what they have to say and taking the word of God as a filter.

[00:40:02] And make sure it’s biblical. And if it’s not. Have nothing to do with them. Mark them. And avoid them.

[00:40:15] But I’ll leave you with this question again. Do you know the word of God well enough. That someone shares with you a lie. That you know it was pray Lord God we. Will.

[00:40:35] Thank you. Thank you that you give us your word front from you to us.

[00:40:41] You tell us how how to live that your word is profitable on knowing how to live in. And then if we don’t live that way reproving us.

[00:40:52] Of sin in our lives and that is profitable to correct this and then instruct us in righteousness.

[00:40:58] So Lord may we all if not for no other reason may. May we all leave here today with a burden and a commitment.

[00:41:12] To faithfully be in your word every single day. And I pray this in jesus name. Amen.

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