Bertrand Bible Church


Lance & Caitlin Rensberger – SOAR

Lance grew up here in Bertrand Bible Church and is now working with SOAR which stands for Service Oriented Aviation Readiness. They are about offering aviation services at the Bolivar Airport (M17). Training center for pilots & mechanics entering missionary aviation and other service-oriented careers.

Marty & Bev Zide Midwest Messianic Center

The church started supporting Marty and Bev around 1980. Marty has been director of Midwest Messianic Center since 1988. Their mission is to Proclaim Jesus as Messiah to God’s chosen people.

Roy & Pat Jeffery – Light Bearers Association of Southern Michigan

As of 2015, Roy and Pat retired from Light Bearers, but not from God’s work. Since retiring, they have conducted 49 services in 6 different Care Facilities, preached at one evening church service, led a weekly Small Group Bible Study, served as coordinator of the Volunteer Chaplain’s program for a hospital in Watervliet, worked as an on-call Chaplain at Lakeland Hospital in St. Joseph, worked in upstate New York as part of a volunteer team at a youth camp, attended Moody Founders Week in Chicago, and provided child care to three grandchildren when Cam & Kerry did ministry in Equador.

Hazel Neddo – Cedine Bible Mission

Hazel is currently 96 years old. She retired in 2000. Her and her husband served at the camp for 46 years. They started in 1954. Hazel worked with crafts, kids clubs and also was in charge of all the banuets and retreats. Her husband was the community outreach person and recreation director, retreat organizer. Cedine Bible Mission is a Christian Bible Camp for the needy.

Mary Wyllys – Cross World

Mary Wyllys worked under Crossworld in the Dominican Republic for almost 40 years. The first 4 years she was in charge of 2 christian bookstores owned by churches. After that, she worked in the office of the Bible Institute until it closed. She and her coworker visited churches on the island and gave classes to train Sunday School teachers. The churches multiplied, so that ministry lasted several years. She gave Bible lessons new christian ladies to strengthen them in their spiritual lives. In their last church, they worked with the ladies and the children’s groups.

Since retiring, Mary gives a Bibile study at a rest home each week, and helps in AWANA. She corrects Bible lessons of Spanish-speaking prisoners, writes to them, and prays for their prayer requests. She also sings in the choir in her retirement village.

Dawn Leuschen – Revive Our Hearts

Revive our Hearts is committed to sharing the timeless truth of God’s Word with women of all ages so they can walk in freedom, fullness and fruitfulness in Chris. I help support that mission by working in the office – happily crunching numbers, compiling mailing lists, and mining the database for hidden treasures in the form of information.

Chaplain Carl & Sara Ross Forgotten Man Ministries Cass County Jail

Chaplain Carl and Sara Ross have been with Forgotten Man Ministries for 24 years. Forgotten Man Ministries is a ministry that is bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the forgotten men and women in jails and prisons. Chaplain Carl is now also a Pastor at his home church and they love being the faithful workers for the Lord.

Cherie Brown – RBM Ministries

Cherie was married to Uncle Dean Brown who served with RBM Ministries for 30 years and was the leader for our Vacation Bible School for many years. Dean was also teaching for the Release Time Classes in many of the schools. Dean went to be with the Lord a few years ago and Cherie retired from RBM Ministries in 2015.

Ruth Rutherford The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM)

Andy and Ruth Rutherford both grey up as missionary kids and pursued medical missions. They worked at a TEAM hospital in South Africa during Andy’s senior year of medical school. After joining TEAM, God took them to UAE in 1976 with three little kids. After Andy passed away in 2004, Ruth took short-term medical mission trips to Kenya four different years. Zimbabwe one time, and Nicaragua four times. She has also continued to go to UAE once or twice each year with TEAM, the last being January 2017.

Leroy (Bud) & Audrey Johnson

Our church started to support Bud and Audrey in 1956. They have worked in Korea, Trinidad, Africa and Zimbabwe starting churches.

Bud and Audrey retired in 1992.